Honorary Doctorate Recipients


In recognition of his achievement in applied nutritional medicine and practical dietetics, the  Progress  University  of  Gyumri awarded Mr. Sven-David Müller, MSc., an honorary doctorate (Dr. h.c.)

Sven-David Müller, MSc. - born on September 13th, 1969 in the city of Braunschweig in Germany - is one of the most renowned nutritional medical scientists in Europe. He is the author of more than 200 books (14 languages - including Russian and Polish) and textbooks on nutritional medicine, dietetics, nutrition and diabetes mellitus.

Sven-David Müller is the Head of the Press and Communication Department of the Leibniz-Institute DSMZ - German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (Science Campus BraunschweigSüd, City of Braunschweig/Germany). The publication directory/list of Sven-David Müller includes more than 230 publications in national and international journals.

Sven-David Müller holds the German Federal Cross of Merit and the First Class Cross of Honor for Art and Science of the Albert Schweitzer Society. He was founder, member of the executive board and source of ideas for a number of charitable societies in Germany (Non Profit Organisations: Association for the promotion of healthy nutrition and dietetics, Bonner FördervereinfürDiätetik etc.). Since its founding in 2005, he is President of the German Competence Center for Prevention and Dietetics.


In recognition of his political and professional achievements, the  Progress  University  of  Gyumri awarded Markus Ruf, lic. iur. (MLaw), attorney, the honorary doctorate (Dr. iur. H.C.).

The university paid tribute to Markus Rufs many years of political, state and labor law efforts (in the Swiss Parliament and as the main initiator of a popular initiative) so that August 1st became a national and paid federal holiday in the Swiss Confederation, as well as his general work as a lawyer and politician.

Markus Ruf - born on August 6, 1959 in Langenthal (Switzerland) - completed his law studies at the University of Bern (Switzerland) in 1994 with a licentiate (lic. Iur.) Magna cum laude, and in 1997 he was admitted to the bar. He then worked as a practicing lawyer with his own law firm in Bern until the end of 2020. As part of his work, he held numerous mandates as a criminal defense lawyer in military court proceedings. During his service in the Swiss Army, he was a communications officer for the fortress troops and then a clerk and examining magistrate in the military justice system (most recently with the rank of captain).

As a member of the National Council (large chamber of the Swiss Parliament) for sixteen years and in the Grand Council (Parliament) of the Canton of Bern for over eight years, Markus Ruf worked on several commissions, submitted numerous proposals on a wide range of topics and was a very active plenary speaker.


The  Progress  University  in  Gyumri / Armenia honors today the law advisor and company consultant, Mr. Patrick Held, who was born on 08.04.1986 in Frankfurt am Main / Germany. After his school career, professional training and studies in Germany, he worked in various leading positions.

After founding his first own company in the field of consumer protection, he took the risk in 2019 with a partner to found another company focused on business consulting and education.

Mr. Held was besides the theoretical scientific occupation with historical, political and economic as well as primarily legal topics and with current socially relevant issues always also the practical classification and implementation a concern. The focus of his work was and still is in the area of questions concerning ethics and morality of economically oriented actions and in the resolution of the alleged contradiction for the benefit of mankind.

The association "zur Verbraucheraufklärunge. V.", which he co-founded, is directed towards the promotion of education and the realization of claims for consumers worldwide. In doing so, this association is to promote lifelong learning and contribute to the in-service qualification of trainees, employees and entrepreneurs, to introduce young people from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds to education and to convey the value of education, to improve the educational and training opportunities of young people internationally, to create a general awareness that the advancement of a society depends on education and the ability to acquire knowledge, to create a new solidarity between the educated elite and the less educated classes in order to make the vision of a knowledge-based economic area Europe a reality for the benefit of society as a whole. In this context, he was able to help thousands of clients around the world, from South Korea to Canada and Armenia, to achieve education and prosperity. Primarily in the eastern countries of Europe, such as Romania and Poland, but also beyond these eastern borders, he was able to publicize his philosophy.

Also journalistically he pilloried grievances and helped clients and association members to knowledge and education. We are pleased to honor Mr. Held for his commitment to science and education, but also his commitment to and concern for young people and award him an honorary doctorate ( Doctor honoris causa ) of our university.


The  Progress  University  in  Gyumri/Armenia today honours Mr. Georg Lintner, born on 8th of January 1997 in Wels/Austria, as an active personality, who despite his numerous activities, never lost sight of his fellow human beings.

Soon he was particularly interested in dentistry, the scientific research into the connection between dental health with body and mind. After receiving his degree of dentistry in Wurzburg/Germany, his professional career led him through the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Kepler university clinic in Linz to the hospital of Wels-Grieskirchen. In addition, he also acts as a resident medic for dentistry in Grieskirchen.

As a dentist specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery, he focuses primarily on oral surgery, conservative and prosthetic care for children and the handicapped under general anesthesia.

Both his great scientific commitment, as well as his deep humanistic view of man, which is also manifested in scholarships and support for the poorest children in the world, here in particular the institution of children in need in central Asian and Caucasian region with a great focus on adequate dental care is constantly being expanded and promoted.

We are thus honouring an outstanding personality with countless, successful activities of a medically significant achievement by admitting him as an honorary member of our university and awarding the title "Doctor  honoris  causa  medicinae  dentariae" to Mr. Georg Lintner for his symbiosis of dental know-how and human action.


In recognition of his medical and scientific achievements in the field of liver research and related participation in the conduct of international hepatological multicentre studies in the field of chronic hepatitis C, hepatitis B virus infection and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), the Progress University in Gyumri awards Mr. Aref Al-Deb'i, born on September 24th, 1981 in Freudenberg (Germany), the honorary doctorate „Doctor honoris causa medicinae (".

After obtaining his general university entrance qualification in June 2001 as the top student in his year, Aref Al-Deb’i joined the German Red Cross in the district of Altenkirchen (Germany) as part of his civilian service and successfully completed his training as a paramedic.

Following his civilian service, Aref Al-Deb'i studied human medicine at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen (Germany), where he obtained his medical licence in October 2009.

In November 2009, he then took up his position as a resident physician, study doctor and research assistant at the Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Department of Internal Medicine) at the University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland), where Aref Al-Deb'i was involved in conducting international hepatological multicentre studies in the field of chronic hepatitis C, hepatitis B virus infection and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

As part of his work as a study doctor, Aref Al-Deb'i investigated the antiviral effect and safety of novel combination therapies in clinical hepatitis C genotype 1 studies. The therapies consisted on the one hand of the standard therapy with peginterferon alfa and ribavirin and on the other hand of the so-called Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) with inhibition of the NS3 protease and NS5B polymerase of the hepatitis C virus. Through the use of these novel combination therapies, many patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infections were cured in the clinical hepatitis C genotype 1 trial and progressive destruction of the liver was prevented in these patients.

We are therefore pleased to acknowledge Aref Al-Deb‘i as an honorary member of our university and to award him the honorary doctorate "Doctor honoris causa medicinae (“.


With the honorary doctorate of medicine (, the medical chair of Progress University honors a pioneer of manual medicine with a focus on osteopathy. He recognized 20 years ago that osteopathy as a discipline is one of the most important pillars for regaining human physical, mental and spiritual health. Functional-related complaints have increased massively in the last two decades and are now one of the medically relevant health risks of modern society.

Mr. Daniel Dierlmeier is an outspoken “luminary in his field,” is how the director of the university sums up his achievements. He is committed to developing alternative and manual medical therapy concepts.

By awarding the title “Doctor honoris causa”, the university recognizes the 40-year-old author's many years of intensive activities in the field of the nervous system - in particular through his standard work “Nervous System in Osteopathy”, published by various publishers.

Over many years, Mr. Daniel Dierlmeier has worked with internationally renowned scientists, doctors and therapists to deal with numerous factors, to make them directly or indirectly measurable and, in addition to lecturing, he has always strived to find pragmatic solutions for doctors and therapists. Through this collaboration, he became a recognized neurology expert in osteopathy who was also valued in medical circles and who was able to achieve the symbiosis between conventional medicine and alternative medicine very well.

At a time when medicine itself is becoming more and more abstract and technical, he manages to establish a complementary and expanded concept of the manual medical approach, which should be of great service to students at the medical faculty.

In this way, Mr. Daniel Dierlmeier was able to make his own research results internationally usable with the existing concepts. These are important empirical foundations for prevention, which is becoming increasingly important, as well as for diagnostics and therapy.

Research therefore owes him fundamentally new questions and methods in the field of holistically oriented medicine. This is also of particular interest in view of the World Health Organization (WHO) forecast that stress, psychological exhaustion and depression will become the greatest medical danger of the 21st century. Osteopathy, especially the treatment of the nervous system, is an important and cost-effective preventative measure to maintain health and performance.

Despite his numerous activities, he never lost sight of his fellow human beings. That's why the founding and management of the Center for Osteopathic Medicine was a novelty and not a given. This institution creates a bridge between conventional medicine and applied alternative medicine in a special way.

A large number of international publications and specialist lectures show his scientific work. The large number of people and institutions he has trained speak for themselves.

The Progress University is thus honoring an outstanding personality who has recently made great contributions to international understanding between Germany and the Republic of Armenia.

In summary, we see Mr. Daniel Dierlmeier's countless and successful activities in the field of alternative therapies as a medically significant achievement and would like to accept him as an honorary member of our university and award him the degree of "Doctor honoris causa medicinae" (Honorary Doctor of Medicine).